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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Solution-processed nanomaterials for applications in photoelectrochemical solar cellsRiley, Jason; Zhang, Xuemei;
Mar-2019Development of nanostructured anode materials to mitigate capacity degradation for next-generation lithium-ion batteriesRiley, D. Jason; Xie, Fang; Song, Weixin; , et al
Aug-2017Characterization and modelling of the mechanical properties of the isolated phases in γ/γ’ microstructuresShollock, Barbara; Dunne, Fionn; Li, Muzi;
Sep-2016Characterisation of mineralised tissues with raman spectroscopyStevens, Molly; Payne, David; You, Amanda;
Nov-2016Two-dimensional wide band gap semiconductors for deep UV photonicsMoram, Michelle; Rusydi, Andrivo; Kahn, Kevin;
Mar-2017Investigating Type 2 Diabetes Related Biosensing and Amyloid Peptide FibrillationStevens, Molly; Wang, Shih-Ting;
Jun-2017Controlling tin nucleation and grain orientations in Pb-free soldersGourlay, Christopher; Ma, Zhaolong;
Dec-2015Regulation of junction configuration by cell tensionBraga, Vania; Stevens, Molly; Sri Ranjan, Kyasha;
Jan-2016Engineered scaffolds for the preservation of gliding tissue interfacesStevens, Molly; Dunlop, Iain; Harrison, Rachael;
Mar-2013Control and characterisation of metal oxide/polymer morphologies for hybrid photovoltaic devicesRyan, Mary; McLachlan, Martyn; Downing, Jonathan Mark; , et al