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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Solution-processed photonics for light and heat managementStingelin, Natalie; Bachevillier, Stefan;
Jun-2018Finite element modelling of nuclear fuel performance in advanced gas-cooled reactorsWenman, Mark; Davies, Catrin; Haynes, Thomas Anthony;
Sep-2017MgSiN2-based nitride materials for ultraviolet optoelectronic applicationsMoram, Michelle; Quirk, James Benjamin;
Jan-2018Oxidation of zirconium and uranium carbidesLee, William Edward (Bill); Vandeperre, Luc; Gasparrini, Claudia;
Sep-2016Chloride-induced transgranular stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel 304LWenman, Mark Roger; Ryan, Mary P; Giuliani, Finn; Scatigno, Giuseppe Giovanni;
Nov-2016Role of phosphate and calcium in sol-gel bioactive glasses and silica/poly(caprolactone) hybridsJones, Julian; Ting, Hung-Kai;
Jan-2017Twinning-induced Plasticity in Metastable Beta Titanium AlloysDye, David; Evans, Peter;
Aug-2016CVD graphene: growth, transfer, properties and device applicationsKlein, Norbert; Alford, Neil; Goniszewski, Stefan;
Nov-2016Developments in fluence rate modelling for ultraviolet light emitting diode based water treatment reactorsMoram, Michelle; Simons, Richard Mark;
Sep-2016Atomic layer deposition of alumina and zinc oxide for optoelectronic devicesMcLachlan, Martyn; Alford, Neil; Burgess, Claire Hannah;