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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Bioactive glass scaffolds for wound healingJones, Julian; Jell, Gavin; Norris, Elizabeth;
Oct-2019Mechanisms and kinetics of C-steel (CS) corrosion and sulfide scale formation in sour mediaRyan, Mary; Payne, David; Al-Qahtani, Noora;
Sep-2019Advanced characterisation methods for the analysis of nanoformulations and extracellular vesiclesStevens, Molly; Penders, Jelle;
Sep-2019The influence of solute diffusion and anisotropic elasticity on the deformation of iron: a study using planar discrete dislocation plasticityBritton, Ben; Balint, Daniel; White, William;
Jun-2019Multimodal optical systems for clinical oncologyStevens, Molly; Horgan, Conor Ciaran;
May-2019Fabrication and development of high-aspect-ratio nanostructures for biointerfacingStevens, Molly M.; Becce, Michele
Sep-2019Force-based engineering of gradientsStevens, Molly; Li, Chunching;
Sep-2019Engineering stimuli-responsive microparticles for biomedical applicationsStevens, Molly, M.; Sorbona, Marco
Dec-2019Aerosol processing of halide perovskitesMcLachlan, Martyn; Ratnasingham, Sinclair Ryley;
Sep-2019Hybrid biomaterials with tuneable mechanical property gradientsJones, Julian; Giuliani, Finn; Young, Gloria;