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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Investigating exosomes for regenerative medicine: development of purification techniques and novel analytical strategies for assessment of potencyStevens, Molly; Stingelin, Natalie; Whittaker, Thomas Edmund;
Dec-2018Sol-gel bioactive glasses for oral care applicationsJones, Julian; Monajem-Isfahani, Setareh;
Oct-2018Enzyme and temperature dual-responsive polymer nanostructures towards the treatment of osteoarthritisStevens, Molly; Dunlop, Iain; Massi, Lucia;
Oct-2018Exploring semi-solid alloy deformation with discrete element method simulations and synchrotron radiographyGourlay, Christopher; Qin, Rongshan; Su, Te-Cheng;
Oct-2018Microstructure control in Ti-6246Dye, David; Britton, Ben; Ackerman, Abigail;
Jun-2018The micromechanical testing of Ni based superalloysBritton, Ben; Dunne, Fionn; Wenman, Mark; Adande, Suki;
Dec-2018Observations of microstructure evolution and damage of SAC305 solder alloys during thermal and mechanical loadingsBritton, Benjamin; Gourlay, Christopher; Gu, Tianhong
Apr-2018Strontium containing bioactive glass nanoparticlesJones, Julian; Porter, Alexandra; Naruphontjirakul, Parichart;
Jun-2018Super-resolution microscopy of integrin α5β1 nanoscale receptor clustering: implications for hMSC immunomodulationStevens, Molly; Maynard, Stephanie
May-2018Ultraviolet light emission from tunnelling metal-insulator-semiconductor devicesMoram, Michelle; Blackman, Bamber; Lin, Chen-Sheng; , et al