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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2018A galling failure model: Development of predictive framework for iron based hardfacings based on crystal plasticity finite elementDunne, Fionn; Barzdajn, Bartosz;
Jul-2018Organic semiconductor thin films for spintronic applicationsHeutz, Sandrine; Robaschik, Peter;
May-2018Mass transport and electrochemical properties of sodium bismuth titanate based electrolyte materialsSkinner, Stephen J.; Aguadero, Ainara; Shih, Po-Chen (Duke)
Aug-2018Multi-metallic microparticles for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosisPorter, Alexandra; Ryan, Mary; Dexter, David; Ellis, Timothy David;
Aug-2018Development of strontium molybdate and strontium niobate for plasmonic devicesPetrov, Peter; Ryan, Mary; Wells, Matthew Philip;
Aug-2018Simulating the properties of mixed oxide nuclear fuelGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Galvin, Conor
Sep-2018Nanoscale degradation of metal-on-metal implantsRyan, Mary; Porter, Alexandra; Koronfel, Mohamed Ashraf Mohamed;
Sep-2018Design of porous boron nitride materials for applications in adsorptionPetit, Camille; Marchesini, Sofia
Aug-2018Microstructure and properties of electropulsed high carbon steel wire rodQin, Rongshan; Gourlay, Christopher; Omoigiade, Osamudiamen;
Oct-2018In vivo and in vitro behaviour of bioactive glass scaffoldsJones, Julian; Shi, Xiaomeng