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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Understanding fatigue crack nucleation from inclusions in a powder nickel alloy using micromechanicsShollock, Barbara; Dunne, Fionn; Zhang, Tiantian;
Sep-2016The influence of alloying elements on the corrosion of Zr-based nuclear fuel cladding using density functional theoryWenman, Mark; Grimes, Robin; Bell, Benjamin;
Dec-2018Mechanistic modelling methodologies for microstructurally-sensitive crack growth in ductile metalsDunne, Fionn; Britton, Ben; Wilson, David Joel;
Jan-2014Co-Al-W based alloys for turbine disc applicationsDye, David; Yan, Huiyu;
Nov-2013Oxidation and oxygen transport in a commercial polycrystalline Ni-based superalloy under static and loading conditionsMcPhail, David S; Shollock, Barbara; Foss, Benjamin;
Jul-2015The effect of environment on fatigue mechanisms in aerospace titanium alloysDye, David; Lindley, Trevor; Chapman, Tamara;
Aug-2020Deformation mechanisms in iron-base hard facing alloysDunne, Fionn; Dini, Daniele; Poole, Benjamin Oliver;
Nov-2020Quantitative electron microscopy for microstructural characterisationDye, David; McAuliffe, Thomas Patrick;
Jul-2021Environmentally assisted cracking on titanium alloysDye, David; Lindley, Trevor; Pedrazzini, Stella; Shi, Yitong;
Jun-2021α2, oxygen and the micromechanics of α-titaniumDye, David; Dear, Felicity Frederika;