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Nov-20163-D printed flexible hybrids for tissue regenerationJones, Julian R.; Saiz, Eduardo; Tallia, Francesca
Feb-20183D printing of transition metal dichalcogenidesMattevi, Cecilia; Saiz Gutierrez, Eduardo; Grotta, Chiara
Nov-20153D printing versus foaming of melt-derived bioactive glasses for bone regenerationJones, Julian; Siaz, Eduardo; Nommeots-Nomm, Amy Elizabeth
Apr-20163D silica-gelatin hybrid scaffolds for tissue regenerationJones, Julian; Nelson, Maria;
Apr-2015Ab-initio modelling of Zr and Be alloys for nuclear applicationsGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Burr, Patrick;
Sep-2017Additive manufacturing of ceramics and ceramic composites via robocastingSaiz, Eduardo; Vandeperre, Luc; Giuliani, Finn; Feilden, Ezra; , et al
Oct-2016Advanced biomaterial systems for local control of fate decisions in pluripotent stem cell culturesStevens, Molly M.; Payne, David; Hallen, Sonia Kristina Anna;
Mar-2010Analysis of atomic-scale phenomena and the rhenium effect in nickel superalloysReed, Roger; Mottura, Alessandro;
Jun-2010Analysis of Service-Retrieved TBC-Coated Industrial Gas Turbine ComponentsShollock, Barbara; Wells, Jonathan; Reed, Roger C.; Ryan, Mary P.; Feng, Steven Shih-Yu
2009Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy of InAs/GaAs quantum dots and GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wellsMcComb, David; Jones, Timothy; Kadkhodazadeh, Shima;
Mar-2011Arsenic speciation analysis in food-related and environmental samplesJarvis, Kym; Parry, Susan; Lee, Bill; Taebunpakul, Sutthinun;
Sep-2016Atomic layer deposition of alumina and zinc oxide for optoelectronic devicesMcLachlan, Martyn; Alford, Neil; Burgess, Claire Hannah;
Jan-2015Atomic scale simulation of irradiated nuclear fuelRobin, Grimes; Bill, Lee; Cooper, Michael;
Feb-2012Atomistic Scale Modelling of Phosphate Mineral Phases for Nuclear Waste Form DevelopmentGrimes, Robin; Jay, Eleanor Elizabeth;
Jan-2012Atomistic Scale Simulation of Materials for Future Nuclear ReactorsGrimes, Robin; Middleburgh, Simon C.;
Feb-2012Atomistic simulation of defects and thermal conductivity in oxidesGrimes, Robin; Lu, Haiming;
Sep-2019Atomistic simulation of fission products in zirconia polymorphsGrimes, Robin William; Wenman, Mark Roger; Kenich, Alexandros;
Sep-2013Atomistic Simulation of Hydrogen and Hydrides in Zirconium and Zirconium AlloysWenman, Mark; Grimes, Robin; Lumley, Simon Christopher;
Oct-2017Atomistic simulations of materials for nuclear fusionGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Jackson, Matthew Lee;
Jul-2010Bio-functionalised nanoparticles for enzyme sensingStevens, Molly; Ghadiali, James Eric
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 394