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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Piezoelectric energy harvesting and wireless sensing powered by non-harmonic motionYeatman, Eric; Jiang, Hao;
Jul-2015Dynamic service placement in mobile micro-cloudsLeung, Kin; Wang, Shiqiang;
Oct-2017Rotational energy harvesting for low power electronicsYeatman, Eric; Fu, Hailing;
Nov-2017High capacitance silicon nanowire array electrodesFobelets, Kristel; Albrecht, Tim; Shougee, Abdurrahman;
Feb-2018Design of wireless power transfer systems in the presence of living objectsMitcheson, Paul; Astolfi, Alessandro; Kwan, Christopher Howe;
Sep-2019Distributed hypothesis testing under privacy constraintsGunduz, Deniz; Sreekumar, Sreejith;
Apr-2017Design and optimization for wireless-powered networksClerckx, Bruno; Huang, Yang;
Jun-2017Enhancing the degrees of freedom in array signal processingManikas, Athanassios; Sridhar, Vidhya;
Apr-2017Acceleration of MCMC-based algorithms using reconfigurable logicBouganis, Christos-Savvas; Liu, Shuanglong;
Dec-2015Towards multi-modal face recognition in the wildKim, Tae-Kyun; Xiong, Chao;