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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Power electronic interfaces for piezoelectric energy harvestersMitcheson, Paul; Elliott, Alwyn David Thomas;
Sep-2015Active variable geometry suspension for carsEvangelou, Simos; Dini, Daniele; Arana Remirez, Carlos;
Jul-2015Frequency and voltage control in mixed AC and DC transmission networksGreen, Tim C.; Spallarossa, Claudia;
Jul-2015Light trapping structures for photovoltaics using silicon nanowires and silicon micro-pyramidsFobelets, Kristel; Rahman, Tasmiat;
Jun-2019High-level synthesis of fine-grained weakly consistent C concurrencyConstantinides, George; Wickerson, John; Ramanathan, Nadesh;
Jan-2019Linear ISFET arrays and optimisation methods for DNA detectionGeorgiou, Pantelis; Miscourides, Nicholaos;
Dec-2015Non-intrusive estimation of acoustic parameters from degraded speechNaylor, Patrick; Eaton, Derek James;
Sep-2017Wireless information and power transfer: waveform, rectenna and modulation designClerckx, Bruno; Bayguzina, Ekaterina;
Jul-2017Program slicing for reliability and runahead in high level synthesisThomas, David; Fleming, Shane;
Sep-2017Rectifier design for optimisation of multi-MHz inductive power transfer systemsMitcheson, Paul D.; Kkelis, George;