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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Silicon nanowires for single slectron transistor fabricationDurrani, Zahid; Wang, Chen
Sep-2015Piezoelectric energy harvesting and wireless sensing powered by non-harmonic motionYeatman, Eric; Jiang, Hao;
Jun-2015Control of wave energy convertersKerrigan, Eric; Feng, Zhe
Sep-2015Power electronic interfaces for piezoelectric energy harvestersMitcheson, Paul; Elliott, Alwyn David Thomas;
Sep-2015Active variable geometry suspension for carsEvangelou, Simos; Dini, Daniele; Arana Remirez, Carlos;
Jul-2015Hierarchical bayesian models for sparse signal recovery and samplingDai, Wei; Leung, Kin; Karseras, Evripidis;
Nov-2015Novel graph analytics for enhancing data insightGelenbe, Erol; Papadopoulos, Stavros
Aug-2015Shape estimation in murky water using photometric stereoKim, Tae-Kyun; Davison, Andrew; Tsiotsios, Chourmouzios;
Oct-2015Assessment of HVDC technologies for an offshore MTDC gridGreen, Timothy; Sheridan, CaitrĂ­ona Evelyn;
Nov-2015Dictionary optimisation for representing and sensing sparse signalsDai, Wei; Zhao, Xiaochen