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Oct-20183D hand pose estimation using convolutional neural networksKim, Tae-Kyun; Ye, Qi
Oct-20183D hand pose estimation: methods, datasets, and challengesKim, Tae-Kyun; Yuan, Shanxin
Sep-20153D hand pose regression with variants of decision forestsKim, Tae-Kyun; Tang, Danhang
Sep-2019Acceleration of ListNet for ranking using reconfigurable architectureCheung, Peter Ying-Kay; Thomas, David Barrie; Li, Qiang
Apr-2017Acceleration of MCMC-based algorithms using reconfigurable logicBouganis, Christos-Savvas; Liu, Shuanglong;
Apr-2019Acoustic analysis of the knee joint in the study of osteoarthritis detection during walkingNaylor, Patrick; Yiallourides, Costas
Sep-2016Active recognition and pose estimation of rigid and deformable objects in 3D spaceKim, Tae-Kyun; Doumanoglou, Andreas;
Sep-2015Active variable geometry suspension for carsEvangelou, Simos; Dini, Daniele; Arana Remirez, Carlos;
Apr-2013Activity related biometrics for person authenticationBouganis, Christos-Savvas; Drosou, Anastasios
May-2013Adaptation strategies for self-organising electronic institutionsPitt, Jeremy; Sanderson, David William
Dec-2016Adaptive filtering algorithms for quaternion-valued signalsMandic, Danilo; Talebi, Sayedpouria
2012Adaptive Hidden Markov Noise Modelling for Speech EnhancementBrookes, Mike; Bai, Jiongjun
Apr-2017Adaptive observer design for parabolic partial differential equationsAstolfi, Alessandro; Parisini, Thomas; Ascencio, Pedro
2013Adaptive Plenoptic Sampling: Theory and ApplicationsDragotti, Pier Luigi; Brookes, Mike; Gilliam, Christopher
Jun-2014Adaptive protection and control for wide-area blackout preventionPal, Bikash; bin Mohd Ariff, Mohd
2010Adaptive signal processing algorithms for noncircular complex dataMandic, Danilo; Javidi, Soroush
Sep-2013Affective Adaptation of Social Norms in Workplace DesignPitt, Jeremy; Santos, Monica;
Aug-2015Algorithms and architectures for MCMC acceleration in FPGAsBouganis, Christos-Savvas; Mingas, Grigorios
2010Alternative design strategies of distribution systemsStrbac, Goran; Goncalves da Silva, Nuno Filipe;
Jul-2013Ambient RF energy harvesting and efficient DC-load inductive power transferLucyszyn, Stepan; Mitcheson, Paul D.; Pinuela, Manuel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 494