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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Decision making and efficient surrogate-assisted optimisation techniques under uncertainty: application to CO2 sequestrationBlunt, Martin; King, Peter; Petvipusit, Rachares; Imperial College London
Jul-2016Pore-scale heterogeneity in the mineral distribution and reactive surface area of permeable rocksKrevor, Samuel; Lai, Peter; Imperial College London
Jun-2018Building Laurentia: evidence from P and S-wave teleseismic tomography and SKS splitting in precambrian northern CanadaBastow, Ian; Liddell, Mitchell Vagn; Imperial College London
Oct-2015Phase correlation-based illumination-insensitive image matching for terrain-related applicationsLiu, Jianguo; Wan, Xue; Imperial College London
May-2016Depositional architecture and facies variability in anhydrite and polyhalite sequences: a multi-scale study of the Jurassic (Weald Basin, Brightling Mine) and Permian (Zechstein Basin, Boulby Mine) of the UKJohn, Cedric; Abbott, Sunshine; Imperial College London
Sep-2009Galerkin projection of discrete fields via supermesh constructionPain, Christopher; Allison, Peter; Farrell, Patrick E.; Imperial College London
May-2016Zn efficiency in rice: the role of 2’-deoxymugineic acid in Zn complexation and uptakeWeiss, Dominik; Vilar, Ramon; Markovic, Tamara; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Great Britain), et al
Nov-2014Reservoir Condition Pore Scale Imaging of Multiphase Flow using X-Ray MicrotomographyBijeljic, Branko; Blunt, Martin; Andrew, Matthew; Imperial College London
Mar-2012Numerical simulations of flow–topography interaction using unstructured gridsAllison, Peter; Piggott, Matthew; Czaja, Arnaud; McVicar, Alistair J.; Imperial College London
2012Zircon as a recorder of the oxygen fugacity of magmasBerry, Andrew; Burnham, Antony David; Imperial College London