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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2012The effect of stress, pore fluid and pore structure on elastic wave velocities in sandstonesZimmerman, Robert; David, Emmanuel Charles; Imperial College London
May-2013Signal eigen-analysis and L1 inversion of seismic dataWang, Yanghua; Wu, Di; Imperial College London
Dec-2012Practical solutions for seismic free-surface and internal multiple attenuation based on inversionRao, Ying; Wang, Yanghua; Zhang, Nan; Imperial College London
Sep-2014Capillary trapping and oil recovery in altered-wettability carbonate rockBlunt, Martin; Alyafei, Nayef; Imperial College London
Sep-2013Characterization of catastrophic flood-related features in the English ChannelCollier, Jenny; Gupta, Sanjeev; Oggioni, Francesca; Imperial College London
Jun-2014Using synchrotron radiation to determine the oxidation state of uranium in magmasBerry, Andrew; Halse, Helen; Imperial College London; Natural History Museum (London, England); Diamond Light Source (Firm)
Feb-2013Near-well effects in carbon dioxide storage in saline aquifersMuggeridge, Ann; la Force, Tara; Mijic, Ana; Imperial College London
Oct-2015Finite element modeling of frictional contact and stress intensity factors in three-dimensional fractured media using unstructured tetrahedral meshesPaluszny, Adriana; Zimmerman, Robert W.; Nejati, Morteza; Rio Tinto PLC; Imperial College London
Aug-2015Combined facies analysis and quantitative characterisation of fluvial stratigraphic architecture at outcrop and in subsurface well dataHampson, Gary; Flood, Yvette; Imperial College London
May-2017Precambrian lithospheric structure and evolution: evidence from broadband seismology in Eastern CanadaBastow, Ian; Petrescu, Laura; Imperial College London