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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2018Modelling two-phase flow at the micro-scale using a volume-of-fluid methodBlunt, Martin J; Bijeljic, Branko; Shams, Mosayeb; Imperial College London
Aug-2017Modelling the vertical mixing associated with bathymetry and internal waves in modern and ancient coastal oceansAllison, Peter; Piggott, Matthew; Bentley, Olivia Louise; Imperial College London
May-2014Use of Two-Phase Pseudo-Pressure for Well Test Analysis of Gas Condensate And Volatile Oil Below Saturation PressureGringarten, A. C.; Ogunrewo, Olakunle; Imperial College London
Apr-2013Geological characterization of sand-prone subaqueous delta systems: a case study of the Upper Jurassic Sognefjord Formation (Troll Field, Northern North Sea, offshore Norway) and global examplesHampson, Gary; Jackson, Christopher; Patruno, Stefano; Imperial College London
Aug-2013Insights into the behaviour of the Pliocene East Antarctic ice sheet from provenance studies of marine sediments using radiogenic isotopoesvan De Flierdt, Tina; Cook, Carys Patricia; Imperial College London
Sep-2014Development of a three-dimensional fracture model for the combined finite-discrete element methodLatham, John-Paul; Izzuddin, Bassam; Guo, Liwei; Imperial College London
Feb-2015Assessing transition policies for the diffusion of electric vehiclesBrandon, Nigel; Offer, Gregory; Mazur, Christoph; Imperial College London; Climate-KIC (Firm)
Jun-2014Stratigraphy and structural evolution of the messinian evaporite complex of the Eastern MediterraneanFraser, Alastair; Jackson, Christopher; Allen, Hayley; Imperial College London
Jan-2013Morphological characterisation of porous materials for fuel cell technologyBlumenfeld, Raphael; Hihinashvili, Rebecca; Imperial College London
Jun-2013The impact of fossils on arthropod phylogenySutton, Mark; Legg, David; Imperial College London