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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2017Numerical modelling of the continental break-up of the southern South AtlanticCollier, Jenny S; Taposeea, Chandra Sajjini Amber; Imperial College London
Jan-2016Characterisation and modelling of natural fracture networks: geometry, geomechanics and fluid flowLatham, John-Paul; Xiang, Jiansheng; Lei, Qinghua; Improved Simulation of Faulted and Fractured Reservoirs Consortium (itf-ISF); Imperial College London
-Investigation of the cutting process in sandstones with blunt PDC cuttersHudson, Professor J.A.; Detournay, Dr. E.; Jose Raimundo, Almenara Chau; Imperial College London; Schlumberger Cambridge Research Ltd
May-2017Controls on the distribution of molybdenum and other critical trace elements at the Bingham Canyon porphyry deposit, UtahWilkinson, Jamie J.; Kocher, Simon; Rio Tinto (Group); Imperial College London
Nov-2016Palaeoenvironmental analysis of British Lower Jurassic epicontinental seasAllison, Peter; Sutton, Mark; Hill, Jon; Jordan, Naomi; Imperial College London
Jul-2017Developing magnetite chemistry as an exploration tool for porphyry copper depositsWilkinson, Jamie; Sievwright, Robert Hume; Imperial College London; Rio Tinto Exploration
Jan-2019Linking source and sink in an active rift: quantifying controls on sediment export and depositional stratigraphy in the Gulf of Corinth, central GreeceBell, Rebecca E.; Whittaker, Alexander C.; Watkins, Stephen; Imperial College London; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Feb-2018Well test analysis of shale gas wellsGringarten, Alain; Kostyleva, Irina; Imperial College London
Jan-2019Path integral approach to Darcy flowKing, Peter R.; Vvedensky, Dimitri D.; Westbroek, Marise; Imperial College London; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Dec-2015Reservoir condition pore-scale imaging of reactionBlunt, Martin J; Menke, Hannah Paris; Imperial College London