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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2009Galerkin projection of discrete fields via supermesh constructionPain, Christopher; Allison, Peter; Farrell, Patrick E.; Imperial College London
2008Inverse and Forward Modelling of Shallow-Marine StratigraphyHampson, Gary; Gallagher, Kerry; Charvin , Karl; Imperial College (Janet Watson Scholarship) and Total E&P UK
Oct-2007A new asymmetrical corner detector(ACD) for a semi-automatic image co-registration schemeLiu, JianGuo; Xie, Lisha
2008Controlled Low-Strength Materials Containing Solid Waste from Minerals BioleachingDudeney, Bill; Cheeseman, Chris; Bouzalakos, Steve; European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development
2008Pore Scale Simulation of NMR Response in Porous MediaBlunt, Martin; Talabi, Olumide Adegbenga; Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) of Nigeria
Feb-2009Impact Crater Formation on the Icy Galilean SatellitesCollins, Gareth; Morgan, Joanna; Bray, Veronica Josefine
Sep-2008Interface Tracking and Solid-Fluid Coupling Techniques with Coastal Engineering ApplicationsLatham, John-Paul; Munjiza, Antonio; Pain, Christopher; Mindel, Julian Eduardo; EPSRC and Sogreah, CLI and Baird Associates
Aug-2008New Methods for Inferring Past Climatic Changes from Underground TemperaturesGallagher, Kerry; Pain, Christopher; Hopcroft, Peter Orlando; NERC and EPSRC
2009Numerical simulation of fracture pattern development and implications for fuid flowBlunt, Martin; Matthai, Stephan; Paluszny Rodriguez, Adriana; Janet Watson Scholarship
2009Pore-Scale Modeling: Stochastic Network Generation and Modeling of Rate Effects in WaterfloodingIdowu, Nasiru Abiodun