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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Modeling and skill assessment for robot-assisted endovascular catheterizationYang, Guang-Zhong; Rafii-Tari, Hedyeh;
Sep-2017Improving the performance of dataflow systems for deep neural network trainingPietzuch, Peter; Watcharapichat, Pijika;
Sep-2017Cooperative manipulation of highly articulated and continuum surgical robots in confined spacesYang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara; Leibrandt, Konrad Marek Gunter;
Sep-2017Intraoperative imaging and tool tracking for robotic surgeryYang, Guang-Zhong; Zhang, Lin;
Oct-2016Automated optimization of numerical methods for partial differential equationsKelly, Paul; Ham, David; Luporini, Fabio;
Oct-2016Inference as a data management problemMcBrien, Peter; Pietzuch, Peter; Liu, Yu;
Oct-2016Enhanced symbolic execution for patch testing and document recoveryCadar, Cristian; Donaldson, Alastair; Kuchta, Tomasz;
Oct-2016Vision-based retargeting for endoscopic navigationYang, Guang-Zhong; Teare, Julian; Ye, Menglong;
Jan-2018Hybrid tissue surface shape measurement and hyperspectral imaging using a multispectral structured lighting endoscopeElson, Daniel; Yang, Guang-Zhong; Lin, Jianyu;
Jan-2018On code generation techniques for finite elementsHam, David; Mitchell, Lawrence; Homolya, Miklós;