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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Dictionaries for fast and informative dynamic MRI acquisitionRueckert, Daniel; Caballero, Jose;
May-2015Combining reinforcement learning and optimal control for the control of nonlinear dynamical systemsFaisal, Aldo; Kuhn, Daniel; Abramova, Ekaterina;
Feb-2015Fusion of wearable and visual sensors for human motion analysisLo, Benny; Yang, Guang-Zhong; Wong, Charence Cheuk Lun;
Jul-2015An executable formal semantics of PHP with applications to program analysisMaffeis, Sergio; Filaretti, Daniele;
Sep-2015Automated optimization of reconfigurable designsLuk, Wayne; Kurek, Maciej; , et al
Mar-2015Completeness-via-canonicity in coalgebraic logicsHodkinson, Ian; Fredrik Paul Herbert, Dahlqvist;
Jun-2015HomeShaper: regulating the use of bandwidth resources in home networksDulay, Naranker; Pediaditakis, Dimosthenis;
Jul-2017FPGA acceleration of DNA sequencing analysis and storageLuk, Wayne; Arram, James;
Oct-2017Deep component analysis: algorithms and applicationsZafeiriou, Stefanos; Schuller, Bjoern; Trigeorgis, George;
Dec-2017Propositional fuzzy logics: Tableaux and strong completenessHodkinson, Ian; Kulacka, Agnieszka;