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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2012Parameterised Session Types Communication Patterns: Through the Looking Glass of Session TypesYoshida, Nobuko; Bejleri, Andi;
Feb-2010Indexed dependence metadata and its applications in software performance optimisationField, Anthony; Howes, Lee William;
Oct-2009Queueing network models of zoned RAID system performanceKnottenbelt, William; Harrison, Peter; Lebrecht, Abigail;
Sep-2009Probabilistic modelling and inference of human behaviour from mobile phone time seriesDulay, Naranker; Choujaa, Driss;
31-Mar-2008Response times in healthcare systemsKnottenbelt, William; Harrison, Peter; Au-Yeung, Susanna Wau Men;
Apr-2010A metadata-enhanced framework for high performance visual effectsKelly, Paul; Cornwall, Jay L. T.;
Oct-2008Segmentation of brain MRI during early childhoodGillies, Duncan; Rueckert, Daniel; Murgasova, Maria;
Mar-2010Profile-directed specialisation of custom floating-point hardwareKelly, Paul; Luk, Wayne; Brown, Ashley W.;
5-May-2011Financial Market Models for the GridHarrison, Peter; Martínez Ortuno, Fernando;
Sep-2020Heuristics for the refinement of assumptions in generalized reactivity formulaeAlrajeh, Dalal; Cavezza, Davide Giacomo;