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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Machine learning for medical image reconstruction and synthesisKainz, Bernhard; Hou, Benjamin
Apr-2020Protecting applications using trusted execution environmentsPietzuch, Peter; Priebe, Christian;
Sep-2020Deep representation learning for fetal screeningKainz, Bernhard; Meng, Qingjie
May-2020Safe and accurate MAV Control, navigation and manipulationLeutenegger, Stefan; Davison, Andrew; Tzoumanikas, Dimosthenis
Sep-2020Privacy and utility in secure computations: optimal trade-offs through quantitative information flowHuth, Michael; Ah-Fat, Patrick Wong Fen Kin;
Jul-2020Polynomial function approximation and its application to deep generative modelsZafeiriou, Stefanos; Glocker, Benjamin; Chrysos, Grigorios
Aug-2020Deep face recognition in the wildZafeiriou, Stefanos; Deng, Jiankang;
Apr-2020Continual reinforcement learning with memory at multiple timescalesShanahan, Murray; Clopath, Claudia; Kaplanis, Christos;
May-2020Reliable machine learning for medical imaging data through automated quality control and data harmonization.Glocker, Benjamin; Rueckert, Daniel; Robinson, Robert;
Apr-2020Flexible instruments for a snake-like robotYang, Guang-Zhong; Thompson, Alexander; Schmitz, Andreas