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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009A global workspace framework for combined reasoningColton, Simon; Charnley, John William
Oct-2009Queueing network models of zoned RAID system performanceKnottenbelt, William; Harrison, Peter; Lebrecht, Abigail;
Nov-2009Session Types in Concurrent Calculi: Higher-Order Processes and ObjectsYoshida, Nobuko; Drossopoulou, Sophia; Mostrous, Dimitris;
Mar-2009Geometric Expression Invariant 3D Face Recognition using Statistical Discriminant ModelsGillies, Duncan Dr; Minoi, Jacey-Lynn
Sep-2009Supporting Management lnteraction and Composition of Self-Managed CellsLupu, Emil; Schaeffer Filho, Alberto E;
Dec-2008Estimating Gene Interactions Using Information Theoretic FunctionalsGillies, Duncan; Chan, Georgia
May-2009Curve-Based Shape Matching Methods and ApplicationsShanahan, Murray; Bouganis, Alexandros
Sep-2009Probabilistic modelling and inference of human behaviour from mobile phone time seriesDulay, Naranker; Choujaa, Driss;
Sep-2009Work ow-based systematic design of high throughput genome annotationGuo, Yike; Tomley, Fiona; Wu, Xikun
Feb-2008Timing is everything: A spatio-temporal approach to the analysis of facial actionsRueckert, Daniel; Pantic, Maja; Valstar, Michel Francois