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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Recycled polymers reinforced with paper plastic laminatesCheeseman, Christopher; Vandeperre, Luc; Mitchell, Jonathan;
Aug-2014Enhanced ambiguity resolution and integrity monitoring methods for Precise Point PositioningOchieng, Washington; Schuster, Wolfgang; Feng, Shaojun; Jokinen, Altti;
Nov-2014Optimal treatment of nonlinear site response through a set of novel methodologiesDr Kontoe, Stavroula; Dr Stafford, Peter; Lessi Cheimariou, Angeliki;
Jan-2014The Microwave Induced Pyrolysis of Problematic Plastics Enabling Recovery and Component ReuseFowler, Geoffrey; Goodman, Steven;
May-2014Numerical investigation of tunnelling beneath existing tunnelsPotts, David; Standing, Jamie; Avgerinos, Vasileios;
Sep-2014Natural ventilation in multi-storey buildings: a preliminary design approachHunt, Gary; Acred, Andrew;
Oct-2014Polychromatic fluence: calculation and application in ultraviolet reactors for water treatmentTempleton, Michael; Mayor-Smith, Ian;
Aug-2014Modelling the Interactions between Information and Communication Technologies and Travel BehaviourPolak, John; Gann, David; Sivakumar, Aruna; Pawlak, Jacek;
Sep-2014Field monitoring of ground response to EPBM tunnelling close to existing tunnels in London ClayStanding, Jamie; Potts, David; Burland, John; Wan, Siu Pong; , et al
Mar-2014Assessing ground interaction effects and potential damage on existing tunnels before and after new excavation worksStanding, Jamie; Vollum, Robert; Potts, David; Burland, John; Yu, Jessica Bang Yan, et al