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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020Micromechanics of shear wave propagation and non-linear stiffness of granular materialsO'Sullivan, Catherine; Nguyen, Hoang;
Jan-2020An integrated approach to numerical modelling of metal fatigue crack propagationIzzuddin, Bassam; Soyemi, Adeleke;
Jan-2020Seismic performance of single layer cylindrical lattice shellsElghazouli, Ahmed; Cedron Fernandez De Cordova, Francisco Javier;
Jun-2020Nonlinear stability of prestressed stayed beam-columnsWadee, Mohammad Ahmer; Gardner, Leroy; Wu, Kaidong;
Nov-2020Advanced interface modelling for 2D shell & 3D continuum problemsIzzuddin, Bassam; Fang, Qili
Jan-2021The effectiveness of water treatment processes against schistosome cercariaeTempleton, Michael; Braun, Laura;
Nov-2020Optimisation of humanitarian response using unmanned aerial vehiclesAngeloudis, Panagiotis; Ochieng, Washington; Escribano Macias, Jose;
Sep-2020Structural behaviour and design of stainless steel I-sections in fireGardner, Leroy; Xing, Zhe;
Mar-2021Electrochemical generation of oxidants for drinking water treatmentGraham, Nigel; McBeath, Sean;
Feb-2020Climate forcing of aircraft contrails: uncertainty quantification and mitigation potentialStettler, Marc; Majumdar, Arnab; Teoh, Roger;