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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021The effectiveness of water treatment processes against schistosome cercariaeTempleton, Michael; Braun, Laura;
Nov-2020Optimisation of humanitarian response using unmanned aerial vehiclesAngeloudis, Panagiotis; Ochieng, Washington; Escribano Macias, Jose;
Nov-2020Polycentric water resources assessment and governance in data-scarce regionsBuytaert, Wouter; Mijic, Ana; Zogheib, Charles;
Sep-2020Development of a new temperature-controlled oedometerTsiampousi, Aikaterini; Potts, David; Kirkham, Andrew;
Jan-2021Rising from the ground: Distributed drag parameterization of urban environments for numerical weather predictionvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Cotter, Colin; Sutzl, Birgit S.;
Jun-2021Addressing infrastructure challenges posed by the Harwich Formation through understanding its geological originsLawrence, James; Ghail, Richard; Edgar, Justyna Wieslawa; , et al
Jan-2021Operational research and simulation methods for autonomous ride-sourcingAngeloudis, Panagiotis; Stettler, Marc; Karamanis, Renos;
Apr-2021Using InSAR to identify potential geotechnical hazards for tideway east and other tunnelling projects in LondonLawrence, James; Mason, Philippa; Scoular, Jennifer;
Feb-2021Evaluation and performance of chitosan and chitosan-graphene oxide coated UF membranes for drinking water treatmentGraham, Nigel; Liu, Teng;
Mar-2021Sheathed cold-formed steel wall systemsGardner, Leroy; Nethercot, David; Kyprianou, Constantinos; , et al