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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Highly integrated urban energy, water and waste systemsKeirstead, James; Stoianov, Ivan; Ravalde, Thomas;
Sep-2017Wave height and crest elevation statistics applicable to offshore wind turbinesChristou, Marios; Makri, Isavella Maria;
Sep-2017Optimising the process of anaerobic digestion through improved understanding of fundamental operational parametersSmith, Stephen R.; Giacalone, Stefano; , et al
Aug-2016Recovery of value from waste electrical and electronic equipment using ionic liquidsCheeseman, Chris; Grimes, Sue; Schaeffer, Nicolas;
Nov-2016Enhanced nonlinear analysis of 3D concrete structuresIzzuddin, Bassam A.; Vollum, Robert L.; Barrero Bilbao, Alejandro;
Oct-2013The dynamic response of blast-loaded monolithic and composite plated structuresLouca, Luke; McCallef, Karl;
Jul-2016Structural meso and microscale finite element based approaches for the prediction of bone architecture and fracturePhillips, Andrew; Villette, Claire Charlotte;
May-2017Numerical modelling of earthquake induced liquefaction under irregular and multi-directional loadingKontoe, Stavroula; Taborda, David; Tsaparli, Vasiliki;
Nov-2016Extreme waves in intermediate and shallow water depthsSwan, Chris; de Lutio, Livio;
2012Computational and Experimental Modelling of the FemurPhillips, Andrew; Younge, Alice Marie;