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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Participatory hydrological monitoring to support sustainable water resources managementBuytaert, Wouter; Ochoa Tocachi, Boris;
Apr-2019Constitutive modelling of compacted clays for applications in nuclear waste disposalZdravkovic, Lidija; Potts, David M.; Tsiampousi, Aikaterini; Ghiadistri, Giulia Marianna; , et al
Jul-2019The wider economic benefits of transportationGraham, Daniel J.; Pogonyi, Csaba Gabor;
Sep-2019Critical local damage scenarios for robustness assessment of irregular structuresIzzuddin, Bassam; Grosman, Stanyslav
Apr-2019Structural steel design using advanced analysis with strain limitsGardner, Leroy; Macorini, Lorenzo; Fieber, Andreas Christian;
Feb-2019Decomposing journey time variance on urban rail transit systemsGraham, Daniel J.; Anderson, Richard J.; Singh, Ramandeep;
Feb-2019Monitoring ground movements and infrastructure in London, UK, using Permanent Scatterer InterferometryMason, Philippa; Ghail, Richard; Ferretti, Alessandro; Bischoff, Christine Anna;
Jan-2019Modelling intense rainfall in a changing climateOnof, Christian; Cross, David;
Oct-2019Low-friction surfaces with recoverable super-hydrophobicity for water transmissionvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Cheeseman, Christopher; Templeton, Michael; Capril-Carniere Auwerter, Liliane;
Jan-2019Seismic response of multi-storey cross-laminated timber buildingsMalaga-Chuquitaype, Christian; Macorini, Lorenzo; Demirci, Cagatay;