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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2018Plant-derived biocides for water disinfection and other hygienic applicationsTempleton, Michael; Wan Rusli, Wan Norazrina Binti;
Sep-2018Wave-group propagation and hydrodynamics in the inner surf and swash zonesAlsina, Jose M.; Swan, Chris; Padilla De La Torre, Enrique
Jan-2018The axial behaviour of displacement piles in chalkJardine, Richard; Kontoe, Stavroula; Buckley, Roisin; , et al
Sep-2018Highly integrated urban energy, water and waste systemsKeirstead, James; Stoianov, Ivan; Ravalde, Thomas;
Aug-2018Investigating the personal exposure to air pollution in LondonStettler, Marc; ANGELOUDIS, PANAGIOTIS; Zhu, Tianye
Nov-2018Behaviour of reinforced concrete members incorporating recycled rubber materialsElghazouli, Ahmed; Xu, Bowen;
Jul-2018Simulating the impact of blue-green infrastructure on the microclimate of urban areasvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Maksimovic, Cedo; Suter, Ivo
Mar-2018Inelastic behaviour of hybrid reinforced concrete beam and steel column systemsElghazouli, Ahmed Y.; Moharram, Moustafa Ibrahim Shawky
Apr-2018Interactive buckling in thin-walled rectangular hollow section strutsWadee, Ahmer; Sadowski, Adam; Shen, Jiajia;
Apr-2018Optimal design for control of water supply networks by mixed integer programmingStoianov, Ivan; Pecci, Filippo