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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2017Topology, stability and robustness of tensegrity structuresStafford, Peter; Ruiz-Teran, Ana; Dong, Wenru
Dec-2017Laboratory investigation of the mechanical properties of Cowden till under static and cyclic conditionsJardine, Richard; Ushev, Emil
Sep-2017Site classification for seismic hazard assessment in low seismicity regionsStafford, Peter; Fenton, Clark; Tallett-Williams, Sarah
Sep-2017Wave height and crest elevation statistics applicable to offshore wind turbinesChristou, Marios; Makri, Isavella Maria;
Sep-20173D meso- and macro-scale models for nonlinear analysis of masonry systemsMacorini, Lorenzo; Izzuddin, Bassam A.; Minga, Eleni
Sep-2017Temporal scaling of hydrological time series in a shallow responsive aquiferButler, Adrian; Onof, Christian; Habib, Abrar Mustafa Sayed Ahmed;
Oct-2017Structural behaviour of laser-welded stainless steel I-sectionsGardner, Leroy; Bu, Yidu;
Oct-2017A quantitative framework for the assessment of transport vulnerability in container liner service networksAngeloudis, Panagiotis; Graham, Daniel J.; Achurra Gonzalez, Pablo Ernesto;
Sep-2017Optimising the process of anaerobic digestion through improved understanding of fundamental operational parametersSmith, Stephen R.; Giacalone, Stefano; , et al
Aug-2017The economics of crowding in urban rail transportGraham, Daniel J; Anderson, Richard J; Hörcher, Daniel;