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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016High-resolution evaluation of aircraft emissions at airportsMajumdar, Arnab; Stettler, Marc; Ochieng, Washington; Koudis, George;
Jun-2016Assessing the potential for suffusion in sands using x-ray micro-CT imagesO'Sullivan, Catherine; Taylor, Howard;
Oct-2016A framework for the optimisation of terminal airspace design in Multi-Airport SystemsMajumdar, Arnab; Han, Ke; Ochieng, Washington; Sidiropoulos, Stavros;
Aug-2016Nonlinear stability of prestressed stayed columns with multiple crossarm systemsWadee, Ahmer; Yu, Jialiang
Aug-2016Recovery of value from waste electrical and electronic equipment using ionic liquidsCheeseman, Chris; Grimes, Sue; Schaeffer, Nicolas;
Aug-2016The development of hydro-economic models to support water resource management in the Ganga Basin in a poverty alleviation contextBuytaert, Wouter; Mijic, Ana; Butler, Adrian; O'Keeffe, Jimmy;
Nov-2016Developing supplementary cementitious materials from waste London clayCheeseman, Chris; Zhou, Ding
Nov-2016Particle scale analysis of soil stiffness and elastic wave propagationO'Sullivan, Catherine; Otsubo, Masahide;
Nov-2016Investigating cooperation strategies for local traffic authorities and in-vehicle route guidance service providersPolak, John; Krishnamoorthy, Rajesh; Luan, Jianlin
Sep-2016Safety case for the introduction of new technology into an existing railway systemOchieng, Washington; Smith, Peri;