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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013The dynamic response of blast-loaded monolithic and composite plated structuresLouca, Luke; McCallef, Karl;
Jun-2013Numerical modelling of viscous and turbulent free-surface flows using smoothed particle hydrodynamicsChris, Swan; Ely, Alice Catherine;
Mar-2013Use of ionic liquids as a means of recovering value from key organic waste streams in NigeriaGrimes, Sue; Thompson, Feyisetan Oluremi
Jan-2013The fluid mechanics of hybrid ventilationHunt, Gary; Connick, Owen
Feb-2013Mechanisms of water transport through soil from a pervaporative irrigation systemButler, Adrian; Templeton, Michael; Ireson, Andrew; Todman, Lindsay Caroline; , et al
Oct-2013Dynamic behaviour of blast loaded hybrid structural systemsLouca, Luke; Nwankwo, Ebuka;
Jun-2013Methodological and empirical challenges in modelling residential location choicesSivakumar, Aruna; Polak, John; Zolfaghari, Alireza
Aug-2013Impacts of traffic interventions on road safety : an application of causal modelsGraham, Daniel; Majumdar, Arnab; Li, Haojie;
Aug-2013Uncertainty in statistical downscaling of rainfall: Case study of south-east UKMcIntyre, Neil; Onof, Christian; Duan, Juan;
Oct-2013Developing a human performance railway operational index to enhance safety of railway operationsMajumdar, Arnab; Ochieng, Washington; Kyriakidis, Miltos;