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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Computational and Experimental Modelling of the FemurPhillips, Andrew; Younge, Alice Marie;
Feb-2012Behaviour of Beam-to-tubular Column Connections under Extreme Loading ConditionsElghazouli, Ahmed; Liu, Yanzhi;
Mar-2012Behaviour and design of prestressed columnsWadee, Ahmer; Gardner, Leroy; Osofero, Adelaja Israel;
Mar-2012Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Travel Time EstimationPolak, John; Barria, Javier; Han, Jiang
2012Stability of beams with discrete lateral restraintsGardner, Leroy; Wadee, Ahmer; McCann, Finian;
Jul-2012Modelling methods to support urban sewer system managementMcIntyre, Neil; Maksimovic, Cedo; Rodriguez Sanchez, Juan Pablo;
2012Urban Pluvial Flood ForecastingMaksimovic, Cedo; Sa Marques, Alfeu; Simoes, Nuno Eduardo da Cruz;
Apr-2012Evaluation of Potassium Ferrate as a Coagulant in Water and Wastewater TreatmentGraham, Nigel; Tran Tien, Khoi
Feb-2012Experimental Study of the Geotechnical Properties of UK MudrocksJardine, Richard; Hosseini Kamal, Ramtin
2012Nonlinear wave interactions with multiple bodies in close proximitySwan, Chris; Peric, Milena