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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021Particle and droplet dynamics at cloud-environment interfacesvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Satheesh Kumar Nair, Vishnu;
Sep-2021Assisting stakeholders in data-scarce settings: citizen science as a tool to assess intermittent water supply systems in developing countriesOnof, Christian; Templeton, Michael; Sione, Laure;
Jun-2020Numerical modelling of thermo-active retaining wallsTaborda, David; Zdravkovic, Lidija; Sailer, Eleonora;
May-2021Stability design of steel structures by second order inelastic analysisGardner, Leroy; Quan, Chunyan;
Apr-2021Road network maintenance and repair considering day-to-day traffic dynamics and transient congestionOchieng, Washington; Yu, Yang
Jun-2022Efficient modelling of RC walls for accurate simulations under earthquake loadingIzzuddin, Bassam; Macorini, Lorenzo; Xie, Haochen
Jun-2020Structural behaviour and design criteria of under-attack cable-supported foorbridgesRuiz-Teran, Ana M.; Stafford, Peter J.; Georgiadis, Konstantinos;
Feb-2022Probabilistic quantification of the impact of climate change on the coupled ecosystem water/carbon dynamicsPaschalis, Athanasios; Onof, Christian; Moustakis, Ioannis;
Mar-2022The influence of particle size distribution on measures of states for granular materials and implications for small strain stiffnessO'Sullivan, Catherine; Carraro, Joao; Liu, Deyun;
Mar-2021Enhancing energy absorption through metamaterial instabilitiesWadee, Mohammad Ahmer; Phillips, Andrew; Bekele, Adam;