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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012Power extraction circuits for piezoelectric energy harvesters and time series data in water supply systemsMitcheson, Paul; Stoianov, Ivan; Graham, Nigel; Dicken, James;
2012Development of novel low pH Magnesium Silicate Hydrate (M-S-H) cement systems for encapsulation of problematic nuclear wastesVandeperre, Luc; Cheeseman, Chris; Zhang, Tingting;
Aug-2014Modelling the Interactions between Information and Communication Technologies and Travel BehaviourPolak, John; Gann, David; Sivakumar, Aruna; Pawlak, Jacek;
Sep-2014Field monitoring of ground response to EPBM tunnelling close to existing tunnels in London ClayStanding, Jamie; Potts, David; Burland, John; Wan, Siu Pong; , et al
Mar-2014Assessing ground interaction effects and potential damage on existing tunnels before and after new excavation worksStanding, Jamie; Vollum, Robert; Potts, David; Burland, John; Yu, Jessica Bang Yan, et al
Feb-2014Design of structural steel elements with the Continuous Strength MethodGardner, Leroy; Liew, Andrew;
Oct-2014Vehicle dynamics and personal exposure to black carbon in the vicinity of at-grade pedestrian infrastructureNorth, Robin; Ochieng, Washington; Williams, David;
Oct-2014Multi-scale modelling of borehole yields in chalk aquifersButler, Adrian; Upton, Kirsty;
Apr-2015Developing a framework for Total Apron Safety ManagementMajumdar, Arnab; Ochieng, Washington Y.; Schuster, Wolfgang; Studic, Milena; , et al
Dec-2014Numerical modelling of stiff clay cut slopes with nonlocal strain regularisationKontoe, Stavroula; Potts, David; Summersgill, Freya;