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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2012Behaviour and design of prestressed columnsWadee, Ahmer; Gardner, Leroy; Osofero, Adelaja Israel;
Dec-2016Impact of pressure fluctuations on pipe failures in water distribution networksStoianov, Ivan; Graham, Nigel; Rezaei, Hossein;
Jun-2017Numerical analysis of geothermal pilesTaborda, David; Potts, David; Gawecka, Klementyna Agnieszk;
Jun-2013Numerical modelling of viscous and turbulent free-surface flows using smoothed particle hydrodynamicsChris, Swan; Ely, Alice Catherine;
Feb-2013Mechanisms of water transport through soil from a pervaporative irrigation systemButler, Adrian; Templeton, Michael; Ireson, Andrew; Todman, Lindsay Caroline; , et al
Jun-2017Experimental investigation of the thermo-mechanical behaviour and thermal properties of london clayZdravkovic, Lidija; Sim, Way Way; Martinez Calonge, Daniel;
Apr-2017An investigation of groundwater drought in the chalk of South-East EnglandButler, Adrian; Onof, Christian; Wheater, Howard; Nubert, Stefan; , et al
Sep-2018Development and assessment of adaptive urban flood risk infrastructure under conditions of deep uncertaintyMijic, Ana; Madani, Kaveh; Babovic, Filip;
Aug-2015Unsteady turbulent jets and plumesvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Craske, John;
Mar-2014Recycled polymers reinforced with paper plastic laminatesCheeseman, Christopher; Vandeperre, Luc; Mitchell, Jonathan;