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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2021Sheathed cold-formed steel wall systemsGardner, Leroy; Nethercot, David; Kyprianou, Constantinos; , et al
Feb-2021A Generalised Methodology for the Investigation of Human Behavioural Responses to Hostile AttacksMajumdar, Arnab; Shipman, Alastair;
Jan-2020Structural response and design criteria of footbridges with tuned mass dampersRuiz-Teran, Ana Maria; Stafford, Peter; Garcia Troncoso, Natividad Leonor;
Aug-2021Pyrolytic gasification: Energy, char, and phosphorus recovery from sewage sludgeFowler, Geoffrey; Heitmann, Marc;
Oct-2020Chemical regeneration of granular activated carbon: Development and evaluation of an optimal regenerant solutionGraham, Nigel; Fowler, Geoffrey; Larasati, Amanda
Aug-2020Influence of loading arrangement on shear enhancement in reinforced concrete beamsVollum, Robert; Filiagi Pastore, Marcus
Jun-2021Controls on groundwater and surface water salinity in coastal BangladeshButler, Adrian Paul; Tsai, Chi-San;
Oct-2020Seismic control of rocking structures using inertersMalaga-Chuquitaype, Christian; Thiers Moggia, Rodrigo;
Sep-2020An analysis of the UK’s regulation and management of ‘fracking’ through application of a framework of ‘good governance’ applied to case studies from England, France, United States, China and AlgeriaMakuch, Karen; Aczel, Miriam Rose;
Jul-2021An investigation of pyrolysis for the treatment of faecal sludge from onsite sanitation systemsFowler, Geoffrey; Templeton, Michael; Krueger, Benedict;