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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Modelling the effect of microcracks on transport properties of concreteBuenfeld, Nick; Wong, Hong; Dehghanpoor Abyaneh, Saeed;
Sep-2015An investigation into the roles of water, sanitation, and hygiene in the control of schistosomes and other helminthsTempleton, Michael; Harrison, Wendy; Grimes, Jack Edwin Thomas
Aug-2018Plant-derived biocides for water disinfection and other hygienic applicationsTempleton, Michael; Wan Rusli, Wan Norazrina Binti;
Feb-2019Participatory hydrological monitoring to support sustainable water resources managementBuytaert, Wouter; Ochoa Tocachi, Boris;
Sep-2018Wave-group propagation and hydrodynamics in the inner surf and swash zonesAlsina, Jose M.; Swan, Chris; Padilla De La Torre, Enrique
Oct-2017Topology, stability and robustness of tensegrity structuresStafford, Peter; Ruiz-Teran, Ana; Dong, Wenru
Dec-2017Laboratory investigation of the mechanical properties of Cowden till under static and cyclic conditionsJardine, Richard; Ushev, Emil
Jan-2018The axial behaviour of displacement piles in chalkJardine, Richard; Kontoe, Stavroula; Buckley, Roisin; , et al
Sep-2017Site classification for seismic hazard assessment in low seismicity regionsStafford, Peter; Fenton, Clark; Tallett-Williams, Sarah
Sep-2018Highly integrated urban energy, water and waste systemsKeirstead, James; Stoianov, Ivan; Ravalde, Thomas;