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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-20123D Nanotemplates for Protein CrystallisationHeng, Jerry; Shah, Umang Vinubhai
Jul-2015Ab-initio prediction of the melting point of organic solidsAdjiman, Claire; Galindo, Amparo; Muller, Erich; Velliou, Rallia-Iliana;
Nov-2016Adsorptive cellulose membranes for fluid separationLi, Kang; Keser Demir, Nilay;
Sep-2017Advanced fluidised bed gasification for carbon capture and fuel cell applicationsMillan-Agorio, Marcos; Long, Xiangyi
Jan-2016Advanced multiparametric optimization and control studies for anaesthesiaPistikopoulos, Efstratios; Nascu, Ioana
Aug-2012Advanced physical characterisation of milled pharmaceutical solidsWilliams, Daryl; Heng, Jerry; Wang, Duo
Nov-2009Advances in Experimental Methods for Characterisation of Porous SolidsBismarck, Alexander; Hewitt, Geoffrey; Manley, Karen Shu San;
Apr-2013Advances in multi-parametric mixed-integer programming and its applicationsPistikopoulos, Stratos; Wittmann-Hohlbein, Martina;
Nov-2021Algorithms and Tools for Feasibility Analysis and Optimal Experiment Design in Pharmaceutical ManufacturingShah, Nilay; Chachuat, Benoit; Kusumo, Kennedy;
Jan-2014Amino acid metabolism in Chinese hamster ovary cell cultureKontoravdi, Cleo; Kyriakopoulos, Sarantos;
Sep-2011Analysis of Blood Flow in Patient-specific Models of Type B Aortic DissectionGibbs, Richard; Xu, Xiao; Cheng, Zhuo;
Dec-2014Analysis of carotid wall mechanics based on ultrasound imagingXu, Xiao Yun; Wang, Zhongjie
Oct-2016Analysis of morphological and blood flow characteristics of the human thoracic aortaXu, Yun; Fatona, Oluwatoyin Fadeke;
Oct-2013Analysis of the phase behaviour of a nano-confined Lennard-Jones fluid using a pseudo-spectral approach to classical density-functional modelsKalliadasis, Serafim; Yatsyshin, Petr;
Jun-2011Analysis of Venous Blood Flow and Deformation in the Calf under External CompressionXu, Xiao; Wang, Ying
Feb-2013Application and evaluation of organic solvent nanofiltration in pharmaceutical processingOatley, Darren; Livingston, Andrew; Rundquist, Elin;
Oct-2015The application of colloidal liquid aphrons for drug deliveryStuckey, David; Ward, Keeran;
Dec-2015Application of in-situ IR spectroscopy for the evaluation of new palladium based catalysts for the hydrogenation of anthraquinoneKogelbauer, Andreas; Chen, Xi
Jan-2013Application of Membrane Separation Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry – A Study of Process Development for Overcoming Membrane LimitationsAtes, Celal; Livingston, Andrew; Siew, Weiming Eugene;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 501