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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Responses to, and bioindicators of, atmospheric nitrogen deposition on lowland heathland ecosystems at both experimental and field-scale levelsPower, Sally; Southon, Georgina Elizabeth; Great Britain. Dept. for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Jul-2012Using statistical modelling to link disparate sources of available information to study factors that influence bird distributionsCoulson, Tim; Mammides, Christos; A.G. Leventis Foundation ; Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus)
2012Ecology and management of range edge populations: the case of toothfish species at the South Sandwich IslandsMilner-Gulland, EJ; Agnew, David; Roberts, James O.
Sep-2012Effectiveness of prosulfocarb-based treatments for the control of sensitive and herbicide resistant Lolium spp. populationsArcher, Simon; Wright, Denis; Bailly, Geraldine Charlotte; BBSRC
2012Nitrogen and ozone pollution: a threat to natural ecosystemsPower, Sally; Adrees, Muhammad; Pakistan. Higher Education Commission
2012Fish Population Ecology and Ecological Risk AssessmentSuttle, Blake; Lorenzen, Kai; Hazlerigg, Charles Rupert Edward
Jan-2012Effects of atmospheric pollutants on epiphytic terrestrial algaeArcher, Simon; Ismail, Asmida; Malaysia. Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi ; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
2012Structural and functional studies of the xanthine transporter UapA and the boric acid transporter Bor1Byrne, Bernadette; Leung, James S. K.
Jan-2012Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Grassland EcosystemsDavies, Linda; Power, Sally; Lee, Mark; Big Lottery Fund (Great Britain)
Jul-2012Unifying food web structure and dynamicsReuman, Daniel; Hudson, Lawrence Nicholas Thomas; Microsoft Research