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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Economic values, distributional impacts and conservation outcomes for coral reef marine protected areasMilner-Gulland, EJ; Mourato, Susana; Hargreaves-Allen, Venetia; ESRC, Natural Environmental Research Council, Conservation Strategy Fund, World Fish Centre
2010Investigations into stability in the fig/ fig-wasp mutualismCook, James Macleod; Power, Sally; Al-Beidh, Sarah; Natural Environment Research Council ; Centre of Population Biology, Imperial College London
Jan-2010The causes of insect endemicity with the example of MadagascarVogler, Alfried; Isambert, Benjamin; Marie Curie Actions
2010High-resolution mutagenesis of the linker domain of archaeal basal transcription factor TFIIBWeinzierl, Robert; Wiesler, Simone Christine
2010Heathland responses to nitrogen deposition : exploring the role of habitat management and soil biochemistryPower, Sally; Jones, Alan Glyn
2010Factors affecting the diversity and abundance of roadside invertebrates and plants in urban areasPower, Sally; Leather, Simon; Jones, Elizabeth Louise; BBSRC
2010Regulation and localisation of PSP proteins in E-ColiBuck, Martin; Engl, Christoph
2010Systematics of whiteflies (Aleyrodidae: Aleurodicinae): their distribution, phylogeny and relationship with parasitoidsLeather, Simon; Quicke, Donald; Charles, Elroy; Commonwealth Association of Universities and University of Guyana
Mar-2010Ecology and biogeography of island parasitoid faunasQuicke, Donald; Borges, Paulo; Santos, Ana Margarida Coelho dos; The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology
Jun-2010Interactions between piperonyl butoxide analogues and metabolic enzymes conferring insecticide resistanceWright, Denis; Moores, Graham; Philippou, Despina; Endura SpA