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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2009Phylogenetic approaches for studying competition in mammalsJones, Kate; Purvis, Andy; Cooper, Natalie; NERC and Institute of Zoology
Aug-2009Population Genomics of Saccharomyces YeastsBurt, Austin; Tsai, Isheng Jason; Tsai , Isheng Jason
Mar-2009Functional analysis of Methanocaldococcus jannaschii RNA polymerase A’ ‘bridge-helix’ using a fully automated high-throughput robotic systemWeinzierl, Robert; Tan, Lin
2009The evolutionary ecology of Leucocytozoon blood parasites of birdsOwens, Ian; Jenkins, Antoinette
2009The mycorrhizal fungi involved in the tree invasion of lowland heathlandsBidartondo, Martin; Collier, Fay Alexandra; NERC
Mar-2009Pathogen diversity and host resistance in dieback disease of cocoa caused by Fusarium decemcellulare and Lasiodiplodia theobromaeArcher, Simon; Leather, Simon; Adu-Acheampong, Richard Kwame; Commonwealth Scholarships Commission, U.K.
2009Crops, Insect Pests and Natural Enemies: Effects of Organic and Conventional FertilisersLeather, Simon; Wright, Denis; Garratt, Michael P.D.
2009The influence of aphid parasitoids on the development of their hostsHardie, Jim; Kati, Amalia; State Scholarship Foundation of Greece (IKY)
2009Comparative analyses of extinction risk in vertebratesPurvis, Andy; Owens, Ian; Fritz, Susanne; Marie Curie fellowship of the European Commission
May-2009The ecology, conservation and management of Nile crocodiles Crocodylus niloticus in a human dominated landscapeCoulson, Tim; Aust, Patrick Welby; Beit Trust