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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Grassland EcosystemsDavies, Linda; Power, Sally; Lee, Mark;
-Allergome microarray for detection of total repertoire af allergen-specific IgE in human serumCrisanti., Prof. Andrea; Bacarese-Hamilton., Dr. Tito; Ardizzoni, Andrea
2009Aspects of the ecology of macaroni penguins (Eudyptes chrysolophus) around South GeorgiaCoulson, Tim; Tratham, Phil; Hart, Tom;
2011Association of NaV1.8 with lipid rafts in DRG sensory neuronsOkuse, Kenji; Pristera, Alessandro;
Dec-2012Behavioural Aspects of the Neonicotinoid Resistance of Myzus persicaeLeather, Simon; Fray, Lucy;
Sep-2009Biotic interactions and species diversification in Southern African biodiversity hotspotsSavolainen, Vincent; Schnitzler, Jan;
Jan-2010The causes of insect endemicity with the example of MadagascarVogler, Alfried; Isambert, Benjamin;
2011Cereal aphids and their natural enemies: effects of nitrogen fertilizers on tritrophic interactionsLeather, Simon R.; Aqueel, Muhammad Anjum;
2011Characterisation of the GAAP (Golgi anti-apoptotic protein) gene family in Arabidopsis thalianaFeys, Bart; Sierla, Maija Elina
Sep-2011Characterization of the Plant Cell Wall Response to Isoxaben induced Cell Wall DamageHamann, Thorsten; Kjaer, Lars
8-Apr-2008Chemical ecology and olfactory behaviour of an aphid parasitoid and a lacewing predatorHardie, Jim; Martínez von Ellrichshausen, Andrés Santiago
Jul-2011Climate change implications for grassland ecosystems: a biodiversity approachPower, Sally; Manning, Pete; Fry, Ellen Louise
Jul-2012Climate variation, plant productivity, herbivore performance and population dynamicsCrawley, Mick; Bento, Ana Isabel Ramos;
2009Comparative analyses of extinction risk in vertebratesPurvis, Andy; Owens, Ian; Fritz, Susanne;
Sep-2011Competition between people and elephants in the Okavango Delta Panhandle, BotswanaCoulson, Tim; Songhurst, Anna Catherine;
2009Crops, Insect Pests and Natural Enemies: Effects of Organic and Conventional FertilisersLeather, Simon; Wright, Denis; Garratt, Michael P.D.
Jan-2011Developmental Characteristics of Miscanthus spp. that influence saccharification and biofuel potentialMurphy, Richard; Umer, Muhammad;
2011Dispersal and the distributions of mammals: moving towards improved predictionsOrme, David; Whitmee, Sarah Louise
2011Distribution and diversity of octocorals from longline by-catch around South Georgia, UKAgnew, David; Quicke, Donald; Taylor, Michelle Lisa
Sep-2011Diversification of carnivorous marine snails (Muricidae: Rapaninae and Ergalataxinae): phylogeny, biogeography and dietary specializationBarraclough, Timothy; Claremont, Martine;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 125