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Sep-2014Biomechanical regulation of permeability in Schlemm’s canal endothelium with respect to glaucomaOverby, Darryl; Ethier, Ross; Braakman, Sietse;
Sep-2018Biomechanics and clinical measurement of functional wrist motionKedgley, Angela; Bull, Anthony; Vardakastani, Vasiliki
Sep-2017Biomechanics and osteoarthritis: a novel rat modelBull, Anthony; Britzman, David
Nov-2018Biomechanics of the Achilles tendon and midportion Achilles tendinopathyCalder, James; Bull, Anthony; Kedgley, Angela; Yeh, Marvin;
Aug-2020Biomechanics of the hip and pelvis and predictors of injury during military load carriageBull, Anthony; McGregor, Alison; Shanel, Suzanne
Oct-2014Biophysical modeling of a cochlear implant system: progress on closed-loop design using a novel patient-specific evaluation platformEmmanuel, Drakakis; Procopiou, Andreas;
Sep-2011A biosensor-based digital microfluidic system for neuroanalysis in the intensive care unitBoutelle, Martyn; Rogers, Michelle Louise
Oct-2017The blast pelvisMasouros, Spyros; Webster, Claire Elizabeth;
Nov-2015Blast-mediated traumatic amputation: underlying mechanisms and associated injuriesBull, Anthony; Clasper, Jonathan; Singleton, James
Jun-2013Brachial pressure waveforms: measuring and modellingSiggers, Jennifer; Parker, Kim; Hughes, Alun; Davies, Justin; Korolkova, Olga, et al
2012Brain-machine interface using electrocorticography in humansMehring, Carsten; Milekovic, Tomislav;
Aug-2016Calibration of a personalised model of left atrial electrophysiologyTweedy, Jennifer; Peters, Nicholas; Sherwin, Spencer; Ali, Rheeda;
Jan-2016Cancerous versus healthy omental tissue voltage measurements: Methods and circuitsDrakakis, Manos; Wu, Wen;
May-2009Capsular restraints of the glenohumeral jointBull, Anthony; Hansen, Ulrich; Southgate, Dominic F. L.
Mar-2013The central tendon of the Supraspinatus: Structure and biomechanicsBull, Anthony; Emery, Roger; Reilly, Peter; Thompson, Simon Michael; , et al
2-Apr-2008Characterisation and modelling of conducting composite electrodesO'Hare, Danny; Zhao, Hong
Jan-2009Characterisation of pH and Glucose Sensors for use in Cell CultureCass, Tony; Singhal, Suket
Jun-2016Characterising lymphatic muscle contractility and a study on measuring lymph node permeabilityMoore, James; Otieno, Christine;
Sep-2020Characterization and modification of flow applied to endothelium cultured in swirled wellsWeinberg, Peter; Sherwin, Spencer; Arshad, Mehwish;
Feb-2015Characterization of response properties in the mouse lateral geniculate nucleusSchultz, Simon; Tang, Jiaying;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 285