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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Principles of sensorimotor control and learning in complex motor tasksFaisal, Aldo; Sylaidi, Anastasia;
Sep-2015Shoulder implant alignmentBull, Anthony; Bhuta, Asim;
Dec-2015Mechano-regulation of intraocular pressure through eNOSOverby, Darryl; Ethier, C. Ross; Chang, Jason (Yin-Hao);
Feb-2018Morphological and behavioural characterisation of fibroblast sub-types found in human skin dermisHiggins, Claire; Topouzi, Helena;
Oct-2018Advanced beamforming for high frame rate ultrasound vascular imagingTang, Mengxing; Stanziola, Antonio;
Oct-2018The visceral response to underbody blastBull, Anthony; Clasper, Jonathan; Pearce, Andrew Phillip;
May-2016Effects of multidirectional flow on cultured endotheliumWeinberg, Peter; Ghim, Mean Chung;
Jul-2016Mechanisms in natural and concurrent brain-computer interface motor controlMehring, Carsten; Burdet, Etienne; Bashford, Luke Everitt; , et al
May-2017Design and implementation of a physiological wrist simulator with applications to surgical reconstructionsKedgley, Angela; Shah, Darshan Sunil;
Mar-2016Developing biomechanical models for the lymphatic valveMoore, James E Jr; Wilson, John Tyler;