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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2014Internal metabolic state and metabolic costs in human motor controlFaisal, Aldo; Taylor, Scott;
Oct-2018Refactoring yeast signalling pathways for tuneable extracellular biosensingEllis, Tom; Shaw, William;
Oct-2017Deterministic approximation schemes with computable errors for the distributions of Markov chainsStan, Guy-Bart; Barahona, Mauricio; Kuntz Nussio, Juan;
Oct-2015Electrophysiological And Behavioural Correlates Of Motivation And Choice In A Simple Visually Guided TaskSchultz, Simon; Berditchevskaia, Aleksandra;
Sep-2013Bioengineered microfluidic devices for the real-time clinical measurement of neurochemicalsBoutelle, Martyn G; Leong, Chi Leng;
May-2020Optimising synthetic biosynthesis of natural products by yeast genome engineeringEllis, Thomas; Gowers, Glen Oliver;
Aug-2019The mechanobiology of the inner wall endothelium of Schlemm's CanalOverby, Darryl Ray; Lee, Chiu Fan; Spenlehauer, Alice;
Sep-2020Developing electrochemical oligonucleotide templated reaction for microRNA detectionO'Hare, Danny; Ladame, Sylvain; Gillespie, Philip Andrew;
Jan-2021Engineering and characterisation of optical nucleic acid sensorsLadame, Sylvain; Edel, Joshua; Steer, Isobel;
Mar-2019Finding an assay that reveals effects of sleep deprivation on decision making in DrosophilaFaisal, Aldo; Gilestro, Giorgio; Bicazan, Eugenia-Diana;