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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020Prediction and control in human neuromusculoskeletal modelsBull, Anthony; McGregor, Alison; Rane, Lance;
Jan-2020Imaging lymphatic system using high frame rate contrast enhanced and super-resolution ultrasound: In vitro, in vivo and clinical studyTang, Mengxing; Zhu, Jiaqi
Jan-2020Multidirectional flow and LRG1 in endothelial cells: potential atheroprotective roleWeinberg, Peter; Pang, Kuin Tian
Nov-2020The long and short of template copyingOuldridge, Thomas; Stan, Guy-Bart; Poulton, Jenny
Aug-2020Injury and protection of the foot and ankle in under-body blastMasouros, Spyridon; Bull, Anthony; de Victoria Pereira Rebelo, Eduardo Afonso;
May-2020Optimising synthetic biosynthesis of natural products by yeast genome engineeringEllis, Thomas; Gowers, Glen Oliver;
Jan-2020Low-dimensional representations of neural time-series data with applications to peripheral nerve decodingSchultz, Simon; Jones, Nicholas; Lubba, Carl Henning Thore;
Jan-2020Sample efficiency, transfer learning and interpretability for deep reinforcement learningBharath, Anil; Arulkumaran, Kailash
Feb-2020Understanding the musculoskeletal function of bilateral through - and above - knee amputees: methods to improve the optimisation and individualisation of intervention techniques and therapeutic device design for lower-limb amputees.Bull, Anthony; McGregor, Alison; Henson, David P
Mar-2021Mechanotaxis and mechanoresistance in cancerDel Rio Hernandez, Armando; Yeldag, Gulcen;