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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Deciphering the transcriptional response of saccharomyces cerevisiae to perturbations of lipid metabolism and graded endoplasmic reticulum stressStan, Guy-Bart; Polizzi, Karen; Jonas, Felix Reinhard
Oct-2014Internal metabolic state and metabolic costs in human motor controlFaisal, Aldo; Taylor, Scott;
Jun-2015Principles of sensorimotor control and learning in complex motor tasksFaisal, Aldo; Sylaidi, Anastasia;
Sep-2015Towards an integrated platform for gene network inference and validationKrams, Rob; Russo, Alessandra; Tate, Ed; Maimari, Nataly;
Aug-2015Novel quantitative approaches for the assessment of pathological features in murine models of OsteoarthritisBull, Anthony; Das Neves Borges, Patrícia;
Sep-2015Shoulder implant alignmentBull, Anthony; Bhuta, Asim;
Sep-2015Correlation of mechanical stresses with arterial disease frequency in animal modelsWeinberg, Peter; Sherwin, Spencer; Rowland, Ethan;
Jan-2016Targeting Schlemm’s canal endothelium to modulate aqueous humour outflow facility as a potential treatment for glaucomaOverby, Darryl; Reina Torres, Ester;
Aug-2015Neural representations of active whisking in the cerebellumChadderton, Paul; Augustine Jr, George; Chen, Susu;
Apr-2016Design and implementation of a mammalian synthetic gene oscillatorKrams, Rob; Polizzi, Karen; Dallman, Maggie; Sant'Ana Pereira, Hugo;