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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2009Capsular restraints of the glenohumeral jointBull, Anthony; Hansen, Ulrich; Southgate, Dominic F. L.
Dec-2009Information processing in visual systemsSchulz, Simon; Saleem, Aman;
Dec-2009Development and use of bioanalytical instrumentation and signal analysis methods for rapid sampling microdialysis monitoring of neuro-intensive care patientsBoutelle, Martyn; Feuerstein, Delphine
May-2009Modelling gait abnormalities and bone deformities in children with cerebel palsyShefelbine, Dr Sandra J; Carriero, Alessandra
Oct-2009Development of a sub-miniature acoustic sensor for wireless monitoring of heart rateDickinson, Robert; Drakakis, Manos; Tosanguan, Thanut
Jul-2009Novel Current-Mode Sensor Interfacing and Radio Blocks for Cell Culture MonitoringDrakakis, Emm; Walia, Anoop Singh
Jun-2009In-Column Electrochemical Detection for Liquid ChromatographyO'Hare, Danny; Leow, Pei Ling
2009Mechanisms of motor learning: by humans, for robotsBurdet, Etienne; Gowrishankar, Ganesh
1-Apr-2008Developing an electrochemical tissue perfusion sensorParker, Kim; O'Hare, Danny; Harvey, Severin Luc Ramses;
2008Viscoelastic finite element modeling of deformation transients of single cellsGoryachev, Andrew; Parker, Kim; Hwee, Chiam Keng; Teo, Soo Kng;