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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2011Electronic Resonant Frequency Tuning of a Marine Energy HarvesterToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Dussud, L; Wright, SW; Holmes, AS
1-May-2008Electrostatic microgeneratorsMitcheson, PD; Sterken, T; He, C; Kiziroglou, M; Yeatman, EM, et al
30-Nov-2007Energy Harvesting From Rotating StructuresToh, TT; Bansal, A; Hong, G; Mitcheson, PD; Holmes, AS, et al
31-Dec-2007Evaluating surface impedance models for terahertz frequencies at room temperatureLucyszyn, S
1-Dec-1999Excimer laser ablation of microstructures: A numerical modelPaterson, C; Holmes, AS; Smith, RW
1-Jan-2003External cavity laser with a vertically etched silicon blazed gratingLohmann, A; Syms, RRA
1-Jul-2002Fiber-device-fiber gain from a sol-gel erbium-doped waveguide amplifierHuang, W; Syms, RRA; Yeatman, EM; Ahmad, MM; Clapp, TV, et al
1-Jul-2004Folded-spiral EDWAs with continuously varying curvaturePortch, D; Syms, RRA; Huang, W
31-Dec-1997Growth and characterization of semiconductor nanoparticles in porous sol-gel filmsDawnay,E.J.C.; Fardad,M.A.; Green,M.; Yeatman,E.M.
1-Mar-2009Hydraulic air pumps for low-head hydropowerHowey, DA; Pullen, KR
31-Dec-1999Investigation of a Low Cost Solder Bumping Technique for Flip-chip InterconnectionHutt,D.A.; Rhodes,D.G.; Conway,P.P.; Mannan,S.H.; Whalley,D.C., et al
1-Jan-2007A key power trade-off in wireless EEG headset designYates, DC; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
31-Dec-2000Laser-assisted Bump Transfer for Flip Chip AssemblyWang,C.H.; Holmes,A.S.; Gao,S.
1-Apr-2001Laser-assisted bumping for flip chip assemblyWang, CH; Holmes, AS
1-Mar-2002Layout optimization for erbium-doped waveguide amplifiersLowe, D; Syms, RRA; Huang, WB
31-Dec-2011Maximising the Link Efficiency of Resonant Inductive Coupling for Wireless Power TransferPinuela, M; Yates, DC; Mitcheson, PD; Lucyszyn, S
3-Nov-2009Measurement of stator heat transfer in air-cooled axial flux permanent magnet machinesHowey, DA; Holmes, AS; Pullen, KR
Sep-2006Mems inertial power generators for biomedical applicationsMiao, P; Mitcheson, PD; Holmes, AS; Yeatman, EM; Green, TC, et al
31-Dec-2005Modelling for optimisation of self-powered wireless sensor nodesMitcheson,P.D.; Yates,D.C.; Yeatman,E.M.; Green,T.C.; Holmes,A.S.
1-Dec-2003MOEMS tuning element for a Littrow external cavity laserSyms, RRA; Lohmann, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 74