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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2007An analogue bandpass filter realisation of the Continuous Wavelet TransformCasson, AJ; Yates, DC; Patel, S; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2006An ultra low power low noise chopper amplifier for wireless EEGYates, DC; Rodriguez-Villegas, E; DucoudrayAcevedo GO, Garcia RP, Cedeno MJ
1-Jan-2002Compact design for MEMS cross-connect switchesSyms,R.R.A.
1-Jan-2002Tuning mechanism for a MEMS external cavity laserSyms,R.R.A.; Lohmann,A.
15-Nov-2011Electronic Resonant Frequency Tuning of a Marine Energy HarvesterToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Dussud, L; Wright, SW; Holmes, AS
2007Algorithm for AEEG data selection leading to wireless and long term epilepsy monitoringCasson, AJ; Yates, DC; Patel, S; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
31-Dec-2011Maximising the Link Efficiency of Resonant Inductive Coupling for Wireless Power TransferPinuela, M; Yates, DC; Mitcheson, PD; Lucyszyn, S
2002Analysis of optimised micro-generator architectures for self-powered ubiquitous computersMitcheson,P.D.; Green,T.C.; Yeatman,E.M.; Holmes,A.S.
31-Dec-2011Demystifying Material Parameters for Terahertz Electromagnetic SimulationEpiskopou, E; Papantonis, S; Otter, WJ; Lucyszyn, S
31-Dec-2011Ultra-low Cost THz Short-range Wireless LinkLucyszyn, S; Lu, H; Hu, F