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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2007Energy Harvesting From Rotating StructuresToh, TT; Bansal, A; Hong, G; Mitcheson, PD; Holmes, AS, et al
1-Feb-2007Dynamic response modelling of MEMS micromirror corner cube reflectors with angular vertical combdrivesHong, Y K; Syms, R R A
1-Mar-2009Hydraulic air pumps for low-head hydropowerHowey, DA; Pullen, KR
1-Nov-2006Thermosonic flip chip interconnection using electroplated copper column arraysGao, S; Holmes, AS
1-May-2008Electrostatic microgeneratorsMitcheson, PD; Sterken, T; He, C; Kiziroglou, M; Yeatman, EM, et al
1-Oct-2005Monolithic MEMS quadrupole mass spectrometers by deep silicon etchingGeear,M.; Syms,R.R.A.; Wright,S.; Holmes,A.S.
8-Mar-2004On the angular dependence of focused laser ablation by nanosecond pulses in solgel and polymer materialsGeorge, DS; Onischenko, A; Holmes, AS
31-Dec-2005Batch fabrication of micro-coils for MR spectroscopy on siliconSyms,R.R.A.; Ahmad,M.M.; Young,I.R.; Gilderdale,D.; Collins,D.J., et al
1-Apr-2004Self-aligning MEMS in-line separable electrical connectorLarsson, MP; Syms, RRA
1-Jun-2007Multilayered Waveguides for Increasing the Gain Bandwidth of Integrated AmplifiersLaliotis, A; Yeatman, E M